Newton is the first-of-its-kind investor training and development program for investors who fuel the global innovation ecosystem: VCs, LPs, angels, accelerators, and tech transfer officers worldwide. The program aims to make the practice of investing in early-stage ventures globally widespread and accessible.

The program is a joint venture between London Business School and Senderwood Group (LocalGlobe and Latitude). The goal is to improve the venture ecosystem by addressing the human capital training and development gap. Upskilling the next generation of investors will benefit every organisation through which venture capital flows.

Currently, VC training is done via apprenticeship – a slow and costly form of education. Newton aims to alleviate the burden put on VC firms to level up and accelerate the development of their employees.  

Newton has an explicit mission to make the venture ecosystem more diverse, inclusive, and accessible to the population it serves. Newton cohorts will represent the future of venture investors: at least 50% of Newton learners will be from overlooked and underestimated backgrounds.

Language is important: it directly affects how we relate to others and, even more importantly, to ourselves. Therefore we endeavour to be very intentional and mindful about the language we use to describe people.

As the discussion evolves, more people share that the current language often used such as ‘underrepresented’, ‘minority’ or ‘BAME’ can dehumanise or marginalise. So we have chosen the terms ‘overlooked’ and ‘underestimated’ to place more responsibility on those doing the overlooking and underestimating.  

However, we are by no means perfect. This is an evolving conversation at Newton – and on a much broader worldwide scale – and we welcome your views.

You can read more about our perspective on DEI language in our piece in Maddyness.

Mixing investors with different functions across the venture ecosystem will help bridge knowledge and network gaps: the goal is to improve the end-to-end journey through which venture capital flows. The UK has world-class universities, but a mixed record in terms of commercialising scientific discoveries. It attracts large amounts of venture capital for start-ups but has a mixed record when it comes to scaling and sustaining success.

There are two program formats: (1) VC Fundamentals online and (2) VC Fellowship at London Business School.

VC Fundamentals (10 weeks) supports entry, onboarding, and development of early-career venture investors. Participants will learn online through weekly live sessions during weekday evenings (GMT zone) to fit a working professional’s schedule. The time commitment expected is ~5 hours per week, including 2.5 hours of live sessions, self-paced reading, and cohort socials.

The VC Fellowship is based at London Business School, with on-site visits to offices of firms within the VC ecosystem. The format will be 3 by 3: three modules-each three days in duration-spread out over a 6-month long fellowship based at London Business School. There will also be distance learning, exercises and networking opportunities in between the teaching modules.

  1. Integrate overlooked and underestimated people in venture: Newton aims to make the practice of venture globally accessible and locally representative of the population it serves: Our explicit mission is to increase the diversity of investors across the entire ecosystem
  2. Integrate end-to-end venture ecosystem: from TTO to IPO, Newton will serve the innovation economy through bridging network and knowledge gaps between research and investment institutions – amplifying the impact of R&D
  3. Integrate top-tier practitioners and academic experts: Leverage deep expertise of experienced practitioners who have achieved top-decile global investment returns. Distil lessons across the macro landscape from faculty experts in entrepreneurship, finance, and strategy.

Following the Newton course, our fellows will gain the network, knowledge, and skills needed to thrive in the venture ecosystem.

Newton VC Fellows have access to:

  • Accelerated learning and networking from world-class faculty and experienced practitioner experts
  • A strong community of life-long peers with whom to co-invest, follow-on, source from, raise from, raise with, and navigate fund cycles together 
  • Visits to venture firms across the ecosystem
  • On-campus meals with peer fellows and faculty and practitioner guests
  • Distance learning, exercises and networking opportunities  during the week-long teaching modules
  • Certificate of Achievement

VC Fundamentals fellows have access to:

  • A network of other ambitious fellows, with cohort socials and networking events
  • Opportunities to learn from top-tier practitioners across the ecosystem
  • Ongoing access to all our learning resources
  • Peer-to-peer knowledge sharing through alumni peer fellowship groups
  • Opportunity to join the Newton mentorship network
  • Certificate of Achievement

There are two program formats: the VC Fundamentals program and VC Fellowship. 

Newton has an explicit mission to make the venture ecosystem more diverse, inclusive, and accessible to the population it serves. Newton cohorts will represent the future of venture investors: at least 50% of Newton learners will be from overlooked and underestimated backgrounds.

Although we are based in London, Newton is global!

Fellows on NVP cohorts join us from around the world: spanning 4 continents, 19 countries, and 12 time zones. There is so much globalisation in venture; the more you build your network across different geographies, the more successful you will be in your venture career. So a global cohort is key to the success of newton and our fellows.

A resounding YES!

Diversity is at the very core of how we design and deliver our programs. We touch upon it throughout your learning to ensure we are creating a fairer ecosystem for all: LPs, VCs, founders and of course, the population VC serves.

We run regular cycles throughout the year for both our VC Fundamentals and VC Fellowship offerings.

Please make sure you are following us on Twitter and LinkedIn to see when applications are next open. You can also sign up for our newsletter here to keep up to date with application dates and other Newton Venture Program news. 

We use BeApplied.com to run a blind recruitment process. 

Blind recruitment means just that: There is no interview; we have no idea what your CV looks like, which schools you went to, who employs you, whether or not you’re employed, etc. Instead, we assess motivation, grit, and your ability to overcome challenges rather than focusing solely on past achievements…all the things that make a great venture capitalist!

Want to read more about blind hiring? You can read our tips here.

There is no interview stage for the VC Fundamentals program. 

For the VC Fellowship, there will be an interview with a member of the Newton team. 

We appreciate that things can come up last minute but unfortunately we can’t offer a deferral of your place.

£2,030 for the VC Fundamentals program, and £9,950 for the VC Fellowship at London Business School, which consists of 3 in-person modules (each module 3 days in length) over a 6-month long fellowship with digital touchpoints and project work set between these modules. 

Newton works with funding partners across the VC ecosystem to ensure that inability to pay is not a barrier to entry. 

For the VC Fundamentals program, we offer a limited number of scholarships starting at 25% of the course fee. This is for candidates for whom the course fee poses a significant financial burden. You can read our Scholarship FAQs here.

No. We can provide you with a formal acceptance letter on company letterhead confirming your acceptance to the Newton Venture Program should you need it to apply for entry into the UK to attend the 3-day modules.

Yes – previous fellows have successfully asked their employers to pay for some or all of their program fees as part of their Learning & Development budget. 

We can support you by providing you with a sponsorship letter confirming your acceptance to Newton; you can read more about sponsorship for VC Fundamentals here and VC Fellowship here.

Your employer can also email hello@newtonprogram.vc to ask any further questions.

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