What is a Tech Transfer Office?

'When an academic has spent 10 years developing technology, purely out of curiosity, then one day wakes up and sees that it actually has a commercial or social benefit, the tech-transfer function enables the transition from pure research to use. 

It always requires investment of one kind or another, so the major task of a tech-transfer person is to identify where that investment might come from and to negotiate a deal with whoever the technology is transferred to.'

Where does the Newton Venture Program come in?

Newton is an investor training and development program for investors who fuel the global innovation ecosystem: VCs, LPs, angels, accelerators, and tech transfer officers worldwide, improving the end-to-end journey through which venture capital flows. 
From TTO to IPO: Newton will serve the innovation through bridging network and knowledge gaps between world-leading research at universities and investment institutions – amplifying the impact of R&D and leveraging the expertise of investors and world-leading scientists & researchers.
Come to our remote From STEM-to-VC event on 16th March to hear leaders in the field give their perspective on how academic innovation can be better harnessed and current trends in the STEM VC space. Can’t wait to see you there!

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