VC Fundamentals

Without Newton,
I could never have…

  • Broken into the VC industry
  • Supercharged my career trajectory to become a top-performing venture investor
  • Survived and thrived through economic downturns
  • Supported founders from university spin-outs to magnify the impact of research
  • Attained the knowledge and network needed to raise my own fund
  • Sustained a top-performing investment firm lasting longer than a few fund cycles
  • Elevated my personal brand to top-tier status

Applications will open on 17th November 2021

Which program is right for you?

Newton Venture Digital Program 

Newton Digital Program is aimed at anyone who wishes to get a foothold in or accelerate their career in the venture capital sector. We welcome applicants across a broad range of work experiences: from those aspiring to break into VC to seasoned investors who would benefit from structured learning. A minimum of 2 years of work experience is required; no investment experience is required. The Digital Program costs £2,030, with partially-funded scholarships available, starting from 25%.

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What is VC Fundamentals?

The VC Fundamentals program supports the entry, onboarding, and development of early-career venture investors. Participants will learn online through weekly live sessions alongside self-paced reading and cohort socials.

Following the Newton course, our fellows will gain the network, knowledge, and skills needed to thrive in the venture ecosystem including:

  • A network of other ambitious fellows, with cohort socials and networking events
  • Opportunities to learn from top-tier practitioners across the ecosystem
  • Ongoing access to all our learning resources
  • Alumni peer fellowship groups
  • Opportunity to join the Newton mentorship network


Our Program Partners

What you will learn

The macroeconomy and fund cycles

History of VC as an asset class

Innovation economy end-to-end: from TTO to IPO

Other financing sources: angels, crowdfunding, debt

Emerging and underrepresented ecosystems

Describe the ins and outs of deal sourcing 

Effectively evaluate and interpret the deal flow management of any firm

Understand how networks can support or hinder deal sourcing

Understand what startup valuation means at different stages of growth

Differentiate between a desirable and less desirable cap table from the perspective of an investor 

Understand the role of other financing options

Identify specific bias throughout the entire investment process, from sourcing to exiting or follow on financing

Identify ways to minimise these biases through a change in process or behaviour

Describe how VC investors evaluate the most intangible of all assets: early-stage startups and their founding teams

Write an investment memo: a snapshot of investing strategies/decisions of the firm at the time of investment

Simulate the due diligence stage of VC deals

What you will learn

Interpret term sheet elements including preference, anti-dilution, and liquidation

Understand how elements included in a term sheet influence future payouts for founders and investors

Negotiate the balance between founder-friendly and company-friendly term sheets

Understand  the key investment terms—and potential areas of conflict—in negotiations between investors and founders

Understand the tension between “getting the bigger slice” (value capture) and “growing the largest pie” (value creation)

Use negotiation and influence strategies to resolve the conflict between value capture (through distributive tactics) and value creation (through integrative tactics)

Understand follow-on financing – and how it differs from an initial round

Weigh strategic options for follow-on financing

Understand the timing of follow-on rounds

Identify the key decisions that founders and investors need to make to enable ventures to scale up

Identify the typical blockers and challenges faced in scaling up – and how to overcome them

Assess multiple strategies to build a growing business with a defensible and sustainable proposition

Select KPIs that empowers you to quantify, measure and track your startup growth

This module integrates perspectives across the venture ecosystem.

We explore the mutual reliance each part has on other segments of the ecosystem—and the inter-connectivity needed to sustain a lifelong career in the innovation economy.


NVP presented me with a unique opportunity to transfer my scientific knowledge and graduate training beyond the academic ecosystem. Interacting with our diverse cohort of NVP01 scholars made me realise the complementarity and synergy of our world-views in driving innovation. I strongly believe that learning and growing together is necessary to turn novel technologies into meaningful, accessible, and impactful products serving society. I would highly recommend the Program to other researchers interested in innovation — just like research, VC is both a science and an art, and NVP is a great chance to explore the balance between the two.

Sasha Eremina
NVP01 Fellow

After spending years helping teams build the right products the right way, the natural next step for me was moving from “how can we do this?” to “how can we fund this?”. After learning about Newton’s mission and values – it was a perfect opportunity for me. I believe the innovation economy is one of the greatest drivers of change and progress in our world. But for that to happen, representation of the population venture capital serves is not only ethical but also vital when designing for people-centred systems.

Zuber Anwar
NVP01 Fellow

Newton brings together people who are focused on the world as it should be, rather than the world as it is. Newton is exactly where those looking to disrupt an ecosystem or invest in those who will, can commune and collaborate.

Annalisa Mensah
NVP01 Fellow

Newton not only has accelerated my knowledge in venture capital and demystified the world of VC, from faculty to cohort, but the connections I was able to make through the programme has also been invaluable. Very honoured to be part of the community!

Hansen Tsui
NVP01 Fellow

Frequently Asked

The VC Fundamentals program (10 weeks) supports entry, onboarding, and development of early-career venture investors. Participants will learn online through weekly live sessions during weekday evenings (GMT zone) to fit a working professional’s schedule. The time commitment expected is ~5 hours per week, including 2.5 hours of live sessions, self-paced reading, and cohort socials.

We aim to run two VC Fundamentals programs every year. Upcoming 10-week program start dates are in March 2022 and October 2022.

1. Integrate overlooked and underestimated people in venture: Newton aims to make the practice of venture globally accessible and locally representative of the population it serves: Our explicit mission is to increase the diversity of investors across the entire ecosystem

2. Integrate end-to-end venture ecosystem: from TTO to IPO, Newton will serve the innovation economy through bridging network and knowledge gaps between research and investment institutions – amplifying the impact of R&D

3. Integrate top-tier practitioners and academic experts: Leverage the deep expertise of experienced practitioners who have achieved top-decile global investment returns. Distil lessons across the macro landscape from faculty experts in entrepreneurship, finance, and strategy.

Following the Newton course, our fellows will gain the network, knowledge, and skills needed to thrive in the venture ecosystem.

Newton fellows have access to:

  • A network of other ambitious fellows, with cohort socials and networking events
  • Opportunities to learn from top-tier practitioners across the ecosystem
  • Ongoing access to all our learning resources
  • Peer-to-peer knowledge sharing through alumni peer fellowship groups
  • Opportunity to join the Newton mentorship network
  • Certificate of Achievement

All backgrounds and professions are welcome to apply. There are two program formats: VC Fundamentals and VC Fellowship. 

Newton has an explicit mission to make the venture ecosystem more diverse, inclusive, and accessible to the population it serves. Newton cohorts will represent the future of venture investors: at least 50% of Newton learners will be from overlooked and underestimated backgrounds.

We run regular cycles throughout the year for both our VC Fundamentals program and VC Fellowship. Please make sure you are following us on Twitter and LinkedIn to see when applications are next open. You can also sign up for our newsletter here to keep up to date with application dates and other Newton Venture Program news.

We use to run a blind recruitment process. 

Blind recruitment means just that: There is no interview; we have no idea what your CV looks like, which schools you went to, who employs you, whether or not you’re employed, etc. Instead, we assess motivation, grit, and your ability to overcome challenges rather than focusing solely on past achievements…all the things that make a great venture capitalist!

Want to read more about blind hiring? You can read our tips here.

£2,030 for the VC Fundamentals program.

Newton works with funding partners across the VC ecosystem to ensure that inability to pay is no barrier to entry. 

For the VC Fundamentals program, we offer a limited number of scholarships starting at 25% of the course fee–for candidates for whom the course fee poses a significant financial burden. You can read our Scholarship FAQs here.

We appreciate that things can come up last minute but unfortunately we can’t offer a deferral of your place at any stage.

Yes – previous fellows have successfully asked their employers to pay for some or all of their program fees as part of their Learning & Development budget. 

We can support you by providing you with a sponsorship letter confirming your acceptance to Newton; you can read more about Sponsorship here

Your employer can also email to ask any further questions.