Training the tech investors of the future to back the companies of tomorrow

Our Vision: By 2030 venture investors will be 50% people from overlooked and underestimated groups

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Our Story

At Newton Venture Program, we are on a mission to disrupt the VC ecosystem. 

Our vision: by 2030 venture investors will be 50% people from overlooked and underestimated groups.

Seven of the ten world’s largest companies were catalysed by venture capital, creating trillions in market value and millions of jobs worldwide. Yet the venture capital ecosystem is still not representative of the world we live in and the population it serves. 

Did you know: Black founders received just 0.24% of venture funding and female founders only 11% of venture funding in the last ten years in the UK. Just 0.02% of total venture capital invested over the last 10 years went to Black female entrepreneurs.

That’s where Newton comes in.

Newton is a first-of-its-kind investor training and development program to help people accelerate their careers in venture. Each cohort represents the future we wish to see in VC: 50% of our fellows come from overlooked and underestimated backgrounds. With our unique blend of faculty and practitioner teaching, we are training the investors of tomorrow to back the companies of the future.


Newton is a joint venture between London Business School and LocalGlobe VC. Silicon Valley Bank, one of the biggest backers of the innovation economy globally, joins as a Founding Partner.

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How is Newton different
from other programs?

Integrate overlooked and underestimated people in venture

Newton aims to make the practice of venture globally accessible and locally representative of the population it serves: Our explicit mission is to increase the diversity of investors across the entire ecosystem.

Integrate end-to-end venture ecosystem

From TTO to IPO: Newton will serve the innovation economy through bridging network and knowledge gaps between research and investment institutions – amplifying the impact of R&D.

Integrate top-tier practitioners and academic experts

Leverage deep expertise of experienced practitioners who have achieved top-decile global investment returns. Distil lessons across the macro landscape from faculty experts in entrepreneurship, finance, and strategy.

Without Newton,
I could never have…

  • Broken into the VC industry
  • Supercharged my career trajectory to become a top-performing venture investor
  • Survived and thrived through economic downturns
  • Supported founders from university spin-outs to magnify the impact of research
  • Attained the knowledge and network needed to raise my own fund
  • Sustained a top-performing investment firm lasting longer than a few fund cycles
  • Elevated my personal brand to top-tier status

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